University of Groningen

Since its foundation in 1614, the University of Groningen has enjoyed an international reputation as a dynamic and innovative centre of higher education offering high-quality teaching and research. Belonging to the best research universities of Europe and joining forces with prestigious partner universities and networks, the University of Groningen is truly an international place of knowledge. The University of Groningen traditionally ranks among the 100 strongest universities world-wide.  

Energy is a key research theme at the University of Groningen. Within the ConsenCUS project University of Groningen will lead the research on CO2 clusters. The different components (capture, utilisation, transport and storage) among the CCUS value chain, will be analyzed as a whole, considering the interactions and interdependencies among them. Models will be developed for the optimal design and operation of a CO2 cluster to minimize the total cost of the value chain by considering emission sources, capture facilities, pipelines, intermediate sites and CO2 utilization and storage sites quantitatively. This provides us the means to integrate all components efficiently and leads to better management of the whole value chain.