Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University provides industry-led undergraduate and postgraduate courses leading to highly relevant awards and degrees. Our teaching staff have an outstanding reputation for quality and academic research and our track record in graduate employment is amongst the best in the UK. The emphasis of our research is on providing innovative and practical solutions to industrial problems, with particularly strong industry-focused research in the oil & gas and renewable/sustainable energy sectors. The research is primarily directed towards solving problems and technology transfer and involves consultancy, industrial partners and national and international collaborations.

Within the ConsenCUS project, the research team at Robert Gordon University is leading Work Package 7 titled “Societal and Environmental Assessment”. The research team is led by Prof. Zoe Morrison whose research expertise and interests focus on the implications of change for individuals and communities in areas such as healthcare, defence, and climate change mitigation. The two research fellows working together with Prof. Morrison are Dr. Jacob Nielsen and Dr. Kostas Stavrianakis. They both bring in interdisciplinary expertise through the lenses of anthropology, social psychology, sociology, and education. Their role in the ConsenCUS project is to explore and assess the societal implications of Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage projects (CCUS). The research team collaborate with a range of community participants including underrepresented groups, local residents, school students as well members of the ConsenCUS project to explore social awareness and acceptance of CCUS technologies in Europe.