11 mei 2023

Introducing CCUS into society – Exploitation of the ConsenCUS project’s results

The technological innovations being developed within the ConsenCUS project are progressing fast. So we are starting our demonstration campaign according to plan end this year. The campaign will put the technologies to the test in real-life industrial settings and demonstrate their innovative solution to reduce carbon emissions at cement, magnesite, and refinery industrial sites. These demonstrations will help mature the technologies to become suitable for industries beyond the project’s demonstration sites.

Before the ConsenCUS innovations can be introduced into society, the project partners must consider how to apply the innovations beyond the scope of the project. This means that the partners must consider how the innovations will impact society and how the innovations can be introduced to the market. To this end, an analysis of the so-called exploitable results of the project is being undertaken by New Energy Coalition and supported by the Horizon Results Booster from the European Commission.

The Horizon Results Booster supports projects funded under Horizon 2020 to effectively exploit the project results. The support entails tools and advice for identifying and elaborating the Key Exploitable Results (KER), considering existing or developing new pathways of exploitation, identifying stakeholders that are relevant in the innovations’ value chain, and providing an extensive overview of risks that could inhibit the desired exploitation pathways. Together with the ConsenCUS project’s technological partners, multiple sessions have been organised to support their exploitation strategies.

One of such exploitation sessions took place online on April the 18th 2023. Moderated by exploitation experts from LC Innoconsult, the session hosted technological and industrial partners for an interactive morning session where different pathways were discussed. The session provided clarity as well as food for thought in achieving the biggest impact in society. More sessions will follow before the end of the project, and the aim of these exploitation activities is to have a clear roadmap of how to, and maybe more importantly, how not to utilise the ConsenCUS project’s innovative solution to carbon capture, utilisation, and storage.

Interested in learning more about how the ConsenCUS project results will be exploited? Feel free to contact the heads of the ConsenCUS Exploitation Committee Machiel van Steenis (m.vansteenis@newenergycoalition.org) and Thomas GB Nielsen (t.nielsen@newenergycoalition.org).