22 november 2022

GHG-T Conference 2022

At the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference, held in Lyon mid-October, ConsenCUS was invited to give al presentation of the projects’ vision, status and challenges. Presented by the coordinator of our Technical Committee, DTU’s (Danish Technology University) Uffe Bihlet, the audience received information about the ConsenCUS technology and the challenges we are facing in developing this new innovation for electrochemical capture and conversion of carbon emitted by hard-to-abate industrial production sites. The proceedings of this two-yearly conference will be published here (Home – GHGT).  

The GHGT conference series is established as the principal international conference on greenhouse gas mitigation technologies, focusing on Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage. Each conference will be a forum for technical discussions related to the field of greenhouse gas control technology. It was a great opportunity to present ConsenCUS for the international CCUS community.