30 april 2024

Community engagement event

On April 22, EPG organised its third community engagement event on CCUS in Romania, as part of the ConsenCUS project. The event was an evening seminar on CO2 storage at the University of Petroleum and Gas in Ploiești, a municipality near the Petrobrazi refinery demonstration site for the ConsenCUS technology. Luciana Miu of EPG, Nikolai Andrianov of GEUS, and Maxine Akhurst and Audrey Ougier-Simonin of BGS presented the work of the ConsenCUS project and wider research on CO2 storage, a hot topic on the industrial decarbonisation agenda.

It was great to have the chance to present to UPG students and staff, given the applicability of competencies and skills from the oil and gas industry for CO2 storage. We look forward to further discussions on the potential for CO2 storage in Romania and how we could leverage the knowledge and experience of countries such as Denmark and the United Kingdom in making safe, permanent, geological CO2 storage a reality in Romania.