Coval Energy

Coval Energy is a Dutch company dedicated to create value form CO2, which is reflected in its name (CO2-to-value). Hereto it is developing proprietary patented technology. Basis of the technology is to convert CO2 with water and sustainable electricity in an electrochemical process to formic acid or formate, under pressure. The reason of producing formic acid or formate is the fact that such process requires the least amount of energy, and that the process has a high selectivity.

Over the last 6 years Coval has worked with reputed partners in several projects to bring its technology further to the market. The ConsenCUS project is for Coval the ideal platform to build a pilot plant for its technology. In such way the technology can mature to a level of TRL-7.

At this moment the Coval team consists of 6 persons, and is growing. Coval is working with partners to enable a large scale market outlet for re-used CO2. At this moment a route with fermentation seems the most interesting. In such way the formic acid or formate is used as a feedstock for a fermentation process in which proteins and fatty acids are produced. The proteins can be used as additive for cattle and fish feed and cab replace soy beans. The fatty acids can be used to produce jetfuel, to displace kerosene produced from fossil fuels.